Research began -pt1

I was looked at random things on the internet for the past few days and came across a giant land snail. It was just incredible to me that a snail could be this big and actually cute.See image below. So I began doing some research only to determine that these snails are not illegal in the USA and that I would never be able to have one (not legally at least :/). Very discouraging however I was able to find decently large snails in the USA. Legal ones!! I even came across an individual who posted in a forum stating that somewhere near my location there were H.Pomatia a type of snail that gets quite large (golf ball size). See image below. I have never blogged before mainly because I have never had anything I felt like others would be interested in but this might just be different. This story starts now and will tell of my search for the H.Pomatia.



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