H. Pomatia -pt2

So after some time online I have found some clues to the location of the H. Pomatia.

Clue 1: An individual shared pictures/videos of H.Pomatia that were located near Milwaukee. This person stated that he/she was keeping the location a secret to protect the snails from people over collecting. I get it, really I do and I like keeping cool places a secret too but at the same time, I would like to see them. Hopefully, this blog does not offend this person in particular if so I apologise. I want to say that this person seems very knowledgeable and intelligent hence the reason he/she has been included.

Clue 2: The individual from this point on we will call “Boggart” ( really doubt this will be the individual’s real name, in addition, I will state “he” as Boggart sound more like a guys name, lol). Now with that out of the way. I found a video in which Boggart was leaving Chicago to head toward Milwaukee, WI area to go see/collect these snails. The footage where he is in the car is when he is unfortunately only a bit outside of Chicago (I read the road signs, and buildings lol). He restarts the video once at the location he mentions that remodelling is going on the road and he has to park on the road I found his wording odd. Might mean nothing but I figured I could search for road work/park remodelling possibly.

Clue 3: Within the video, he used the word “forest” and “preserve”. From my research, there are only a few of those of those near Milwaukee. (This has thrown me a bit off as the location is not in one of these, maybe that was his goal. IDK?

Clue 4: Boggart talked about the river, he also mentioned that the snails got there from a snail farm which was flooded back in the 1920-30’s.

Clue 4: I researched the information about the snail farm and found an article. For those who are interested, I will provide the link at the bottom. This article state “Back in the 1920’s or ‘30’s, a snail farm was developed on an island in the Milwaukee River on the north side of Milwaukee County. The river flooded, and the breeding stock was swept away. Visitors to parks downstream today are startled by fist-sized snails munching on the plants.” This I believe could have been Boggart had seen/heard.

Clue 5: Boggart also mentions that he doesn’t think the snails will be removed because a survey determined that there are 100’s of thousands and that any kind of control plan would not work. He also mentions amber snails being there, sounds cool. I figure I can dig into this since he mentioned no control plan to get rid of them you would think this would have had to do with the DNR and a survey.

This post proves how much someone can gain from things you post and videos you share, the amount of information you can get is kind of crazy, right?

What we know:

There is likely a location near Milwaukee WI to find H.Pomatia.

From the article, it would be on the Northside of Milwaukee.

It could be a forest/preserve or maybe just a park.

The location may have had remodelling or road work around May 2016.

The video also tells when they may surface from the ground.

The possible survey, there may be information about these snails and the fact that the DNR or someone has decided to allow them to be left alone.

Below is a link to information about the snail farm that swept these snails to their current location.



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