kletAlright so after much browsing of the internet I have come to a fairly firm belief as to the location of the H.Pomatia. Well, one location 🙂 I had posted a link originally to the document that brought me to a pretty good conclusion but I removed it out of being asked to do so. I know that is probably disappointing to some as it leaves this story quite open but I did it for Boggart. Boggart made some good points about disclosing the location to everyone. To sum it up the information in the wrong hands could destroy the population. The document I found however stated that there was in fact, a population there.

So that this isn’t all for nothing I will be updating soon with the information on how these snails ended up where they are. I have reached out to the source am fairly sure they will have the real history of this.

As for those of you who want the location I guess it will be on a person to person basis. I will only be disclosing the information to those who are true hobbyists.




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