Location -pt7

Please start at pt1 and then return here if you have not been following to catch up.

The weather is still a bit cold so, I have to continue to wait patiently to see the H.Pomatia’s. In the time being, I have done a lot of thinking about the release of the location data. I had originally provided the location.Then I removed it to accommodate a request. I will however no longer be catering to anyone’s requests in this matter. It has been nothing but negative and honestly an annoyance to something intended to be positive and fun. The location of these snails can be found online, I found it. Anyone can find it. I did digging and found it.

It would have been nice if someone had shared it with me instead of having to spend hours trying to find it but that wasn’t the case. So with that said I will be providing the information on a person to person basis, it will not be to everyone. If you are interested you can contact me via my contact page (fastest way).

There is a community of people who collect snails as a hobby and it is a community of generally good, nice people. I believe strongly that community is important and sharing information with each other is important. It is a risk to provide location data but I weighed this with the ability to find it anyways and decided that I’m not going to be selfish with this information. I hope to build friendships with other snail hobbyists/lovers/collector and together share information and grow as a community. With all of that said.  If you are interested in this WI H.Pomatia location information you can contact me via my contact page (fastest way). The information I share with you I would hope that you share with caution also. Providing this information to someone looking to use these snails for food could end up with them disappearing from this location completely.




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