Mystery Vertigo -Trip

Busy as always but I wanted to share with everyone that I have a trip planned to head to Washington Island, WI around July- August. I’m planning to see the island and hoping to find the Mystery Vertigo (Vertigo paradoxa) a rare terrestrial snail. I want to be able to stop at several places along the way, mainly in Door County as it is said to be home to that snail and many other types of terrestrial snails. If anyone knows of any must see place let me know 🙂

As far as collecting snails, that will depend greatly on the laws for that area and what type of snails I find. You would think that collecting something as small as a snail wouldn’t matter but many are protected. However, collecting snails that are protected can end in fines, confiscation and in some cases, you could face jail time. In addition to different snails being protected most state parks are strict about the collection of most things. See below:

The following is a statement of prohibited activity from the DNR for Rock Island Park: “Collecting of animals (other than legally harvested species), non-edible fungi, rocks, minerals, fossils, archaeological artifacts, soil, downed wood, or any other natural material, alive or dead. Collecting for scientific research requires a permit issued by the DNR.”

That is only one statement from their list of prohibited activities for Rock Island State Park. Each park seems to differ a bit but most have a similar list.

Once on the road, I plan to travel through Door County, take the car Ferry to Washington Island and then take an additional Ferry to Rock Island. That’s the plan at least but with most plans things always change. We shall see 🙂

Rock Island is a state park with hiking trails, a beach, light house and I’m sure other things. With Rock Island being a state park likely I will only be able to photograph the snails I locate there. The snail pictured below is the Mystery Vertigo (Vertigo paradoxa) which is one of the snails I will be looking for during my trip.

Image result for mystery vertigo (Vertigo paradoxa)

Just a quick note: It is super important that before you plan to collect a snail you should you first check your state’s laws. Below is my quick check to ensure I am able to collect this snail if I find it on my travels.

If your in WI here is the Link: WI DNR

From checking the WI DNR link above the snail I’m interested in is not listed currently. I did find an old PDF online and it had the snail listed but it was listed as SC/N = no laws regulating use, possession, or harvesting;. See below…


Anyways that’s about it for my update. If anyone has been to Door County, Washington Island and/or Rock Island I would love to hear about it. I will be sure to share all about my trip when I go.